Dmitri Thompson

The Meachie System

Howdy Do!  First of all, I'm not the basketball phenom from Florida.  I hear that kid is going to be awesome, but I'm the 75 model...the original...classic Dmitri Thompson.  I've done a little bit of everything; worked at The White House, naval intel, telecommunications, comedy, radio, created The Meachie System, and now, some of the most fun and creative brands you have ever seen.

I plan on using this site, as well as my other social media avenues, to post news about D-Cups LLC and all of the associated brands, my travel experiences, and my sporadic thoughts (which really aren't sporadic...they're happening all the time). 

Hopefully you'll take this opportunity to get to know me, because to know me is to love me...except for the people that don't...and there's nothing I can do (or want to do) about that. #Meachie System

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